My training courses are designed to help teams learn by providing a set syllabus combined with the flexibility to draw upon the knowledge of an experienced practitioner.


Courses are run in-house, you choose the date and there are no team travel logistics or lost time.  It also means that the course can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and the challenges your teams face.

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Advancing with Scrum

The Scrum methodology is one of the most widely known Agile methods.  When applied well it brings great results to teams, often improving performance and quality.  In order to get the best of Scrum it is important to understand the methodology in it’s entirety.  It’s various practices complement each other to provide the best platform for team performance, improvement and learning.

Continuous Delivery for leaders

Continuous Delivery is a method of delivering changes to software systems fast, at reduced risk and cost.  These benefits are not easy to realise, arising from considered changes across a number of areas including architecture, technical approach, ways of working and organisational structure.  This course is aimed at leaders and influencers who want to understand and evaluate Continuous Delivery, in order to bring its benefits to their organisation.

Thinking Systems

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The Agile Evaluator

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